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Catapult: Is that really the Sort of Initiative that we need to stimulate Growth?

The TSB proposes to set up a number of centres around the country that will be known as “Catapults” to bridge the gap between the universities and small and medium enterprises in order to stimulate growth and innovation but similar initiatives have been tried before with less than spectacular success. Enterprise and innovation cannot be created by fiat. They occur when certain conditions are met. There were no “Catapults” in 18th century England nor indeed in late 20th century Silicon Valley. Better uses of public money might be infrastructure projects like superfast broadband and maybe more could be done in that regard. Investment in education would also be worthwhile, especially if children were taught maths, programming and North Asian languages. Continue reading

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“The Digital Economy Act …… is great news for the country”

Not my words but those of Mr. John Lovelock, Chief Executive of FAST commenting on the permission granted to BT and TalkTalk to apply for a judicial review in respect of the Digital Economy Act 2010 (see BT and TalkTalk win judicial … Continue reading

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Why Do Some People Really Hate IP?

Yesterday I referred to my marathon twitter conversation with Sarah Brown. After that session I got some feedback. The following remark which Dawn Zoë Raison wrote on my Facebook wall is typical: “All fine and dandy until you get megalomaniac … Continue reading

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“Relying on copyright, patents & artificial scarcity to prop up your business is like asking your mum to do your homework – innovate dammit!”

Earlier today Sarah Brown from Cambridge who describes herself in her website as “the bringer of tea” and whose twitter name is @auntysarah tweeted the above words. I wasn’t having that so I challenged her with: “@auntysarah Piracy, counterfeiting and … Continue reading

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