This sector covers innovation in medical and dental care including healthcare delivery, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.   In the UK the healthcare market is dominated by the NHS administrations for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Over the years we have been consulted on:

  • procuring legal protection for the technology and other intellectual assets developed by suppliers to the NHS such as medical devices manufacturers and occasionally pharmaceutical companies;
  • advising local NHS hubs on intellectual property and licensing issues
  • advising suppliers of computer systems on intellectual property and contractual issues relating to their dealings with the NHS
  • subject access and other data protection issues
  • contractual and IP issues arising from joint ventures between NHS trusts, universities and private companies.

We were the first IP chambers to develop relations with NHS Innovations and local NHS hubs having attended the Manchester and Nottingham conferences, contributed to the NHS newsletters and having participated in one of the first conferences for NHS hubs in 2004.


NHS Innovations

Medipex (NHS Hub for Yorkshire and Humberside)

TrusTech (NHS Hub for the North-West)