Data Protection

Jane Lambert first became involved with data protection issues when in 1983 she was legal advisor to VISA international for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. She considered the impact of the Austrian data protection act on her employer’s business having regard to decisions of the Swedish data protection commissioner that had prevented the processing of personnel records of Swedish employees of a German multinational in Germany and of the German data protection commissioner preventing the transfer of German personal data to England. The importance of the subject was brought home to her when she attended a special IBA conference on trans-border data flow in Toronto and the ITU legal symposium in Geneva in 1983.

On returning to private practice she contributed some of the earliest publications on the literature including the first chapters to Atkin and the Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents. She was also instructed in some of the early cases that involved the Data Protection Act 1984.

Data protection is not only an important subject in its own right but it is a consideration to be taken into account in almost every contract for the supply of computer systems and services. Every website, for example, ought to have a privacy statement that indicates the proposed use of personal data. Similarly, every large company and central or local government agency should have a privacy policy for collecting, handling and updating personal data.  That is particularly the case with businesses and institutions that are likely to collect sensitive personal data

We can help businesses navigate their way through the international conventions, EU legislation, statutes, statutes and statutory instruments and case law relating to data protection and privacy law. We can draft privacy statements and data protection policies. We can represent clients before the Information Tribunal and in the civil courts.