Pubic Access

Until 4 July 2004 the only way a member of the public in the United Kingdom could brief or consult a barrister was by instructing a solicitor or other intermediary or by seeking Licensed Access. Anomalously, members of the public overseas have long been entitled to instruct the Bar directly.  Since 2004 it has been possible for us to advise any business anywhere in the world on any intellectual property matter. We are also able to draft documents for use in business such as contracts, licences and terms and conditions and even to draft documents for use in certain proceedings and make oral or written submissions in certain simple cases where we have reason to believe our client can do without a solicitor or other intermediary.

Instructions under the Public Access scheme are governed by the Public Access Rules. There Rules allow us to accept instructions directly from members of the public or from their intermediaries such as company directors or managers and in some cases business support agencies such as Business Links and Bradford Enterprise Fund. Where there is an intermediary we contract with that intermediary. Where there is not we contract directly with the client.  All our contracts incorporate our Public Access Terms.

Over the years we have had many instructions under the Public Access scheme. As the work that we have done under the scheme is massive we have listed some examples. We have categorized these into industries and interest groups with links to some case studies.

If you want more information please contact Jill Hayfield on 0800 862 0055 or by email.