Biotechnology is the industrial application of biology in medicine, agriculture and manufacturing.  We cannot claim to have been in big ticket patent cases to compare with Kirin-Amgen Inc v Hoechst Marion Roussel Ltd [2005] RPC 169, [2005] RPC 9, [2004] UKHL 46, (2005) 28(7) IPD 28049, [2005] 1 All ER 667 or Biogen Inc v Medeva Plc [1996] UKHL 18, [1997] RPC 1, (1997) 38 BMLR 149 but we have advised start-ups, a university and an NHS hub.

We have been consulted on patentability of new products and processes, licensing and joint ventures. We have also advised start-ups on trade marks and branding,

Whenever there is a significant development of biotechnology law or whenever we discover a point of law that we would like to share with the industry and its other professional advisors we will at least blog it. If we think it is sufficiently important we may even publish an article or special feature on the topic.   Also, from time to time we hold conferences and seminars on biotechnology.

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