Reported Cases

Updated 24 Oct 2010
Wragg v Donnelly BL O/280/10
Comptroller Patents: validity of a patent and whether it was infringed
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Another v Newzbin Ltd. [2010] EWHC 608 Ch.D Copyright: authorizing infringement and communicating a work to the public
Bettys & Taylors Group Ltd. v Cheese & Co 16 Jun 2009 IP Office Trade Marks: invalidity under s.47 (2) Trade Marks Act 1994
Microsoft Corporation v Ling and Others [2006] EWHC 1619 (Ch) ChD Parallel Imports: Whether a certificate of authenticity could lawfully be transferred from a site licensee to a purchaser of a copy of claimant’s software.
D2005-0402 Mr. Gulberg Singh Panesar v. Panrix Electronix Limited/PC Ideas Limited 23 Jun 2005 UDRP: Ian Blackshaw Domain Name Dispute: title to a domain name purchased from a liquidator
easyGroup IP Licensing v Niagara Healthcare Ltd 20 Aug 2003 IP Office Trade Marks: invalidity under s.47 (2) Trade Marks Act 1994
Kooltrade Ltd. V XTS Ltd. [2001] FSR 344 Patents Court Threats: whether the without prejudice privilege applied and whether there should be an inquiry as to damages.
Case No. D2000-0789 Eddy’s (Nottingham) Limited, trading as Superfi v. Mr. Kingsley Smith 7 Sep 2000 UDRP: David Tatham Domain Name Dispute: whether there was bad faith at the time of registration of the domain name
Sapey v Trianco Redfyre Ltd. Ipsofacto Patents Court Patents: Construction of claims and obviousness
Comyn Ching and Others v Radius Plc 1 Mar 1997 TCC Computer contracts: Whether a computer supplier could be liable for negligent misstatement when asked to specify a turnkey computer system for a small business.
Ibcos Computers Ltd. v Barclays Mercantile Highland Finance Ltd. [1994] FSR 265 Ch.D Copyright: Subsistence of copyright in computer programs, proof of copying, whether a substantial part of a program had been copied
Total Information Processing Systems v Daman [1992] FSR 171 Ch.D Copyright: Whether the data division of a COBOL program was a substantial part of a copyright work.
Deutsche Bank v Ariff 1991 FT LR 20 Dec Ch.D Contracts and constructive trusts: Whether a deposit of title deeds by a daughter was effectual to secure her father’s borrowing to the claimant bank