Work comes to us through a number of sources:

Whether they come to us directly or through intermediaries most of our clients (that is to say, the people who ultimately pay our fees) are small businesses in the creative and high technology industries. Many of them come to us as start-ups or, in some cases, pre-start-ups.

While we do not (and for the moment) cannot manage clients’ legal affairs we do try to build a good long-term relationship with those businesses as well as with the professional advisors and other intermediaries who introduce them to us. That is partly for commercial reasons. We want return business and referrals from satisfied clients, of course, but we also want to help those businesses and the businesses that depend on them for their own sake.

We help businesses through a variety of ways such as inventors clubs and pro bono IP clinics which me mention on our Networks page. See what we do for business support agencies, inventorsentrepreneurs and investors. We help patent and trade mark attorneys, IP specialist and other solicitors by our publications, CPD training and, most importantly, by introducing them to our connections.