There are several provisions of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 that apply specifically to works of architecture but the issues upon which we are asked to advise most frequently is the extent of an architect’s licence and his or her entitlement to a fee. For instance, can an owner use plans submitted by an architect to support a tender be used by that owner to support an application for planning permission without paying the architect a fee? Another typical issue is: can plans that were drawn up for one purpose such as a planning application be used for another purpose without paying the architect a subsequent fee?

Whenever there is a significant development of the law affecting architects and others in construction, or whenever we discover a point of law that we would like to share with the architects’ profession, construction industry or other professional advisors, we will at least blog it. If we think it is sufficiently important we may even publish an article or special feature on the topic.   Also, from time to time we hold conferences and seminars on the legal issues affecting architects.

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