Business Transactions

Here are examples of some of the work we do regularly:

Early Stage

Advising on optimum legal protection for an intellectual asset (that is to say, what sort of intellectual property right should be sought and in which countries);

Assisting patent and trade mark attorneys and other IP professionals in intellectual property audits;

Designing systems for managing confidential information;

Drafting confidentiality agreements for employees, manufacturers and prospective investors, joint venturers, licensees and others;

Drafting or reviewing joint venture, shareholders, licensing and other agreements;

Reviewing claims in patent applications.


Drafting and reviewing computer supply (hardware, software development, end user and turnkey) and services (consultancy, hardware and software maintenance. source code deposit and outsourcing) agreements.


Drafting and reviewing manufacturing agreements.


Drafting and reviewing commercial agency and distribution agreements;

Drafting and reviewing terms and conditions.


Advising on Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 prohibitions and exemptions;

Advising on arts 101 and 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and exemptions;

Advising on restrictive covenants and confidentiality clauses in employment and other contracts;

Drafting restrictive covenants for employment and other contracts.

IP Assignment and Licensing

Advising on title and devolution of title to IP rights’

Drafting and reviewing assignments;

Drafting and reviewing exclusive, sole and non-exclusive licences;

Drafting and reviewing royalty syndication agreements.

Business Format Franchising

Advising on IP rights;

Drafting and reviewing master and other agreements.

Data Protection

Advising on compliance with UK and other legislation;

Drafting privacy statements;


Advising on compliance with EU and UK consumer protection legislation;

Drafting and reviewing website access, privacy and terms and conditions of trade or service.


Drafting and reviewing artiste management, recording and music management and distribution agreements


Drafting and reviewing source code deposit, website, confidential information and private key agreements.

For further information on the industries we serve with links to some case histories, see our Clients’ page. If you would like to instruct one of us, please see the How to Instruct Us and Fees pages. If you want an estimate, fill in our Request an Estimate form or call Jill Hayfield on 0800 862 0055 or 07976 355 664 mobile.