If you want to practise intellectual property law with us, here is the deal.

We will train you in education-based marketing and, if you have no formal background in intellectual property or technology law, in that also.

We will introduce you to all our connections in your area and if there are not enough there to get you started we will carry out market research especially for you.

We will publish your profile on our website just as we have done for Jane Lambert.

We will hold seminars and other events in  your area to help you meet the solicitors, patent and trade mark agents and other professionals in your area.

We will print business cards, compliment slips, notepaper and other stationery for you.

We will look after your diary, negotiate fees and collect them for you just as a clerk would. We will collect and  discuss clients’ feedback with you and offer you training and mentoring if you need help.

We will publish your articles and other publications.

Whenever you win a case or have some other success we will celebrate it on our blog and in our newsletters.

Above all, we will license you to practise under the NIPC Brands.

Here’s is what we expect of you in return.

You must be able to demonstrate an aptitude for advocacy and drafting. Ideally, we would like you to have had some knowledge and experience of intellectual property and related areas of law. If not, we will train you.

You must be licensed and insured for public access work.

You must share our commitment to the NIPC Mission.

You must collaborate with our efforts to promote you by attending IP clinics and inventors’ clubs, giving talks and contributing to our publications.

You must keep your knowledge of intellectual property and technology law up to date by attending our training sessions or those of another recognized training provider.

You must deliver on time whatever work you promise to do.

You must pay your dues to us on time.

You must comply with your contract with NIPC Ltd.

In you’re in chambers or are employed we will not require you to give up your tenancy or job so long as you can perform whatever commitments you make to us.

Save for the cost of printing your stationery and setting up your web page and any CPD or other training that we give you, we shall charge you only after you have received your fee. That charge will be a percentage of your receipts plus value added tax.

If you still want to join us, fill out and submit our online application form.