27 June 2010

We are looking for barristers and solicitors advocates who share the NIPC Mission and want to practise intellectual property and technology law under the NIPC brands. They can remain in their existing chambers or employment and do other work if they wish just so long as they perform their obligations to us.  As we plan to be in every region of England and Wales and beyond they can be anywhere.  If you want to know what we can offer and what we would require from you, click the “Counsel” page.

We are not yet ready to take any pupils because we do not have the work or the numbers to make it worthwhile, but you can attend some of our training causes and we would be happy to discuss mini-pupillages or secondment for a particular case or matter. For more details of what we can do now plus information on the pupillage programme that we shall eventually offer, click the “Pupils” page.

At present, Jill Hayfield, who gained her managerial skills from running her own business can handle everything from bookkeeping to strategic planning. But as we grow we shall have to recruit experts in information and communications technologies, marketing, finance, practice management and so on. They will need to be supported by personal assistants, secretaries, receptionists, bookkeepers, cleaners and others.  For details of professional vacancies, bookmark the “Professional Support Staff” page. For details of all other staff bookmark the “Administrative Staff” page.