Welcome to NIPC Law.

We are barristers who practise intellectual property, information technology, media and  competition law. We specialize in advising start-ups and other small businesses how to protect and exploit their investment in intellectual assets, that is to say brands, design, technology and creative works.

Like all intellectual property barristers we

However, since our clients tend to be individuals and small businesses our priority is to keep them out of trouble wherever possible and to extricate them on satisfactory terms as quickly and cheaply as possible where it is not. Hence we focus on making sure that they take adequate precautions against anticipatable risks and that disputes are resolved at an early stage.   More information on our services is available in “What We Do”.

Each of us is a self-employed sole practitioner practising with other barristers in a loose unincorporated association known as “a set of chambers.” The purpose of chambers is to enable barristers to share expenses, exchange knowledge and offer each other mutual support.  Our chambers are known as NIPC Law and consist of barristers licensed to practise under the NIPC Brands. Each of our members is committed to the NIPC mission of providing high quality intellectual property services within reach of those who often need them most but can often afford them least.  NIPC Law is managed by our service company NIPC Ltd.

Although NIPC Law was founded in 1997 as the first specialist intellectual property chambers outside London our origins go back many years as can be seen from our “History”. At present the set consists of Jane Lambert based in the Huddersfield Media Centre and a number of other members elsewhere who practise primarily from other chambers but that will not be the case for much longer.  Our plan is to be represented in every single region where there is a network and we intend to have networks in every region of the UK including Scotland and Northern Ireland and possibly beyond by 31 December  2011.  To achieve that objective we shall have to recruit counsel and professional and administrative staff.  If you are inspired by our vision and wish to help make it happen, whether as a barrister, practice manager, marketing or information professional or in some other capacity check out our Recruitment page regularly for vacancies. We shall also advertise through the Bar CouncilLinkedIn, Xing and other sites and media.