We advise and represent everyone involved in the music industry on the intellectual property, contractual and regulatory issues affecting their businesses. That includes:

  • artistes
  • broadcasters
  • collecting societies
  • composers
  • distributors
  • equipment suppliers
  • film producers
  • impresarios
  • internet service providers
  • managers
  • producers
  • publishers
  • recording companies
  • retailers
  • sponsors
  • venue proprietors

and many more. The issues upon which we advise include copyright, rights in performances, moral rights and trade marks.   We draft and review management contracts, recording contracts, licences and other agreements used by the industry. We also represent clients before the Courts, Copyright Tribunal and IP Office hearing officers in trade mark cases.

Whenever there is a significant development in fashion law, or whenever we discover a point of law that we would like to share with the industry and its other professional advisors, we will at least blog it. If we think it is sufficiently important we may even publish an article or special feature on the topic.   Also, from time to time we hold conferences and seminars on the legal issues affecting banking.

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Case Histories

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