Terms and Conditions for VoIP Service

Jane LambertJane Lambert

12 July 2010

An incubator that had already instructed me to draft several standard form contracts and terms and conditions decided to offer voice and fax over internet protocol services. It asked me to settle website access terms and terms and conditions for the supply of telecommunications services.

A few months later, I was commissioned by Business Link to

  • assess the legal risks to the business and identify available counter-measures
  • review the incubator’s product, professional and public liability cover
  • amend the terms and conditions and conditions that I had previously drafted to provide for the scheme a which customers are rewarded for introducing new business
  • settle a privacy and information handling policy
  • assist in preparing a reference manual
  • liaise with the client as to how these terms and policies were working and to amend them as and where necessary for up to one year after delivery of the work, and
  • supply advice and assistance whenever a problem arises for up to one year after delivery of the work.

I advised in writing on the risks and countermeasures, drafted the privacy and information handling policies and contributed to the reference manual. I have also kept in touch with the client but am glad to report that there have been no difficulties.