We have a lot of time for private inventors and try to help them in any way we can.   They do not have an easy time.   Most work in isolation with limited resources.  Many have difficulty in accessing funding and good professional advice.  A few are induced by invention promoters to pay substantial sums of money for services they do not need.

We have set up and support the inventors groups in Leeds, Liverpool and Sheffield.   We have established intellectual property clinics in several towns and cities across the North. Most recently we have established the Inventors Club website and blog.

We have also advised and reviewed and drafted agreements for several inventors who have come to us through Business Link and Community Development Finance Institutions. And we have represented private inventors in the Intellectual Property Office.

Here are some examples:

The services that we are asked most frequently to supply include:

  • advice on whether an invention is patentable having regard to the prior art;
  • drafting confidentiality agreements and other advice on confidentiality;
  • advice on the optimum legal protection for an invention or other intellectual asset taking account of the client’s business objectives and budget;
  • helping to resolve disputes between inventors, disputes with investors, manufacturers and distributors;
  • representing inventors in appeals from examiners;
  • representing patentees in applications for declarations of non-infringement, revocation, amendments and other proceedings;
  • advice and representation in employee invention proceedings;
  • drafting licences and other agreements; and
  • advice and representation in infringement and other proceedings in the Patents and Patents County Courts.

If we can assist you with these or any other services why not ask for an estimate of our fees?  If you want to contact us about anything else, contact us through the Inventors Club.