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Intellectual Property for Start-ups and other Small Businesses

Intellectual property (“IP”) is the collective term for the bundle of rights that protect investment in branding, design, technology, art and literature. Examples of such rights (“IPR”) include patents for inventions, registered trade marks for brands, registered designs for product … Continue reading

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Catapult: Is that really the Sort of Initiative that we need to stimulate Growth?

The TSB proposes to set up a number of centres around the country that will be known as “Catapults” to bridge the gap between the universities and small and medium enterprises in order to stimulate growth and innovation but similar initiatives have been tried before with less than spectacular success. Enterprise and innovation cannot be created by fiat. They occur when certain conditions are met. There were no “Catapults” in 18th century England nor indeed in late 20th century Silicon Valley. Better uses of public money might be infrastructure projects like superfast broadband and maybe more could be done in that regard. Investment in education would also be worthwhile, especially if children were taught maths, programming and North Asian languages. Continue reading

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Guernsey’s Patent Law

In her article Proposed DIFC Intellectual Property laws – A Hub for Innovation, Madeleine Heal proposed legislation whereby foreign patents, trade marks and designs could be re-registered for the Dubai International Financial Centre. A footnote to her article referred to the … Continue reading

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What is IP Strategy?

I have yet to find a generally accepted definition of IP strategy but the US blogger Jackie Hutter offers an excellent definition of IP strategist in her article “What is an IP Strategist?” “IP Strategists are a new type of … Continue reading

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In Defence of Patent Agents

Second guessing a client as to whether he or she is doing the right thing would be seen by many clients and indeed many patent agents as an impertinence. Continue reading

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