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My chambers have had a website ever since we opened on 1 May 1997. The very earliest site seems to have disappeared from the Wayback Machine but you can see the pages that Alistair Kelman created in 1998. That site was very successful. So much so that we were shortlisted for the Multimedia Prize in the Lawyer of the Year Awards in 1998.

In those days our domain name was <LBNIPC.COM> (short for Lancaster Buildings – Northern Intellectual Property Chambers) because we practised from Lancaster Buildings (see “History”). We abandoned that domain name for <OLDCOLONYHOUSE.COM> when we were clerked by Old Colony House at the beginning of the Millennium.

We registered our present domain name after Old Colony House disbanded towards the end of 2001. We also registered <IPIT-UPDATE.COM> at about the same time. We registered that domain with a view to showcasing some of the articles case notes and presentations that members of these chambers had written over the years.

I first started blogging about intellectual property and technology law in 2005. I quickly discovered that I had several different audiences. Some people followed my intellectual property law updates and disliked my more gossipy posts on inventors clubs and the Manchester Bar. Those who liked my gossipy posts were bored by my reflections on such topics as Biogen insufficiency. I tried to square the circle by keeping separate blogs for each audience but that took up nearly all my time.

This site combines my regular chambers website with news about what I do as an intellectual property barrister. Readers who want to know about intellectual property and technology law can visit my NIPtech site which will eventually merge the IP/IT Update site with the IP/IT Update blog. News of CPD training, inventors clubs, our regional networks and other matters with appear on the NIPco site.

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About Jane Lambert

I am a barrister specializing in intellectual property, technology, media and entertainment and competition law. I specialize in helping SME (small and medium enterprises) protect and exploit their investment in brands, design, technology and the arts. SME require intellectual property (legal protection for their intellectual assets) at least as much as big business but their limited means restrict the way they can use it. Looking after such clients wisely requires skills and knowledge which have taken me years to learn.
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